MISFITMETHOD is a lifestyle!
Join us, as we are thrilled to share the magic of MISFITSTUDIO's movement with you in your own home or anywhere in the world. A choose your own adventure of classes. Do one video by itself or piece them together to build your own practice.
Connect back to yourself, feel strong and graceful.
Clear your mind and untangle the body one movement at at time.

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  • MISFITMATERNITY - Upper Body Strength w/ Amber - 15 mins

    this 15 minute movement class was designed with you and your upper body strength needs in mind
    using weights for added resistance
    Focusing on arms, shoulders, core and stabalization throughout
    to keep YOU strong and prep you for baby holding arms!

    The plank sequenc...

  • MISFITMATERNITY - Lower Body Strength w/ Amber - 15 mins


    15 minutes to connect you to the strength deep in your glute system, legs and core
    Helping to maintaining endurance for all the walking and stroller pushing to come!

    **note **
    during the 4 pt glutes, if experiencing discomfort in wrists always lower down onto elbows and forear...

  • MISFITMATERNITY - Movement for Liberation w/ Amber - 15 mins

    Full Body
    With so much change happening inside the body, this 15 minute movement session was created for the pure joy of opening, stretching, taking up space
    for real
    once you know the sequence, close your eyes, get lost the sensation of movement
    allow yourself to become liberated